Op Shop bag – remade

I found this fabulous crocheted bag at the Salvo’s (Salvation Army Shop). It was easy to see the pattern and so… like all good crochet creatives, I set about recreating this bygone era bag.

I had some wool left over from my crochet hat phase, so used that for the first attempt. The pattern was easy enough, but the real wool (with felting qualities) made it a fuzzy representation of the original…

I decided to seek out some cotton thread, as this was what the original was made with. So, with ‘Sullivans’ Coton-A 5ply crochet & knitting yarn (40% acrylic/60% cotton) I have begun the second offering of this neat bag. The old cane handles are available in yarn shops and the plastic ones I used for the bag above are a cheap alternative. I am going to use the real things for the new bag.

You can see the top of the bag is large, but when it is stitched around the handles, gravity takes over and it drapes beautifully from the handles. Pattern will be uploaded soon too.


Pull-tab evening bag

The pull-tab or pop-tab crochet bag is finally finished, except for lining.  It feels fabulous and looks incredible. The metallic thread gives it bling appeal. I didn’t write the pattern as I went, so I’ll go back and write from memory and the finished product. It is approximately 25cm x 35cm.