A funny thing happened on the way to Grand Rapids…

Oh my! This is the easiest cap ever. You have to try it! Finished it on the short road trip from Ann Arbor to Grand Rapids. My husband looked across at one point as I was weaving in the ends… And exclaimed, “Are you kidding me?” 

My sister saw my caps on Facebook and asked if I was making a new one every night. Well… What a great idea! 


N.B. Wearing my Possum & Lambswool crochet bobble scarf – made on a road trip around NZ with beautiful locally spun yarn from Queenstown. ❤️


Have caps , will travel! 

I have neglected to post the adventures of the traveling crochet caps. See if you can identify all the landmarks where these caps have been seen…. 

 My trusty black Newsboy (pictured here) was my first and still my favourite. I never get to wear it this much back in Oz so am making the most of it. 

Have I convinced you to make your own??? 

Next stop Chicago…

The traveling crochet caps arrive in Chicago on Saturday.  I’m currently working on another cap while enjoying Thanksgiving evening in Ann Arbor, MI. I have yarn, a printout of my favorite cap pattern and a cup of hot apple cider! 

Ann Arbor is beautiful. The University of Michigan is here, a sister university to Edith Cowan University, where I go most days for my ‘day job’ (Hahahaha). It adds flavor to this town in the loveliest way. 

Crochet Hat Travel Log

The Newsboy Cap is getting a good work out and that Swirls Cap has been a life saver. NYC is putting on the most beautiful weather – clear and cool.   

** Swirls Cap minus the peak. 

I now need to find more yarn having used te small stash I brought with me. The Purl SoHo might be my next NYC attraction to visit!! One of my favourite Blog subscriptions. 


Ready for NYC 

The plane from Oz to DC saw me redo my Swirls Cap twice!!! Changing gauge can be frustrating! Anyhow, that cap is still on the go (3rd attempt). 

In the meantime, the Amtrack from DC to NYC was a perfect 2 hour window to recreate that trusty Newsboy Cap. And that old 70’s pattern didn’t fail me! 

It’s from an archived site “Groovy Crochet” loaded with retro crochet goodness. It is so easy and is a great look, like nothing you can buy. My fave!

Now to show it off to NYC! 

Travel Prep!

I am a messy traveler but am determined to maintain order in my suitcase on my forthcoming trip to Noth East USA. Sooooo I’m recycling old zips and fabric purchased from a thrift shop to make my own Travel Pouches for my clothes and underwear.   

These pouches were ‘sew’ easy!!! 

1. Recycle an old zip off old clothing or buy from the thrift shop.  Measure and cut 2 pieces of lightweight  fabric just wider than the zip length.  Cut the depth of your pouch to your liking.  I cut the selvage edge of the fabric as the zip edge to save having to finish the edge with overlooking or zigzag stitch!!! The cheek!! 

  2. Lay the zip edge of your first piece over the front of the zip and stitch along.   

Fold it back to reveal the zip. Stitch the other piece to the other side of the zip. Fold back to reveal your neat zip.  Not a neat look below but you’ll get the idea!

 3. Open the zip to halfway before this last step. Now with right sides together, sew around all three sides to close the pouch. Trim and finish edges to prevent fraying. 
4. Turn right way out. Done!   

  Safe travels. Xx