Patterns Galore!


A growing fad…

I am discovering that crochet is growing as a new fad among my young friends. It seems grandmas and mums are sharing their craft and interest is rising. I knew it would! Crochet is such a ‘can do’ feeling. There is an instant sense of success as your project begins to take shape so much quicker than knitting, cross stitch or scrapbooking. Heirlooms are the result too. Creations become something that is worn, loved and passed down as an icon of heritage. For example, I love the poncho my mum crocheted me s a child, I have it now and my daughter wore it when she was younger. It is right out of the 70’s. Shades of brown and orange… Complete with fringing! So, I am excited for my creative friends as they embark on a new expression of themselves…through yarn! I have a feeling though that it is not a fad…but will become an addiction. I plan to add a few bits to my blog now for all my novice friends…watch this space.