More silk

My #onlyopshopsilk summer continues. Veronika Maine Silk shirt $4!! Pants $2 (not silk😐)! 

The best Boxing Day sale in Perth…was at local thrift stores ‘Good Sammy’s’ –  50% off all recycled clothing & ‘Salvation Army – Salvos Stores’ –  50% off if you have a Salvos card! This card is like a loyalty card but for the Op Shop!!! I love contributing to and wearing sustainable fashion. 

My question is why buy everything new? It is great stewardship  to live simply by – earning all that we can, giving all that we can, saving all that we can and living on the rest! #givesavelive


Collection Complete 

Well, I think my #onlyopshopsilk collection is complete. Over my  visits to the local op shops (thrift stores) this month I have purchased:

20 x silk tops (mostly 100% silk)

3 x silk dresses

3 x silk kimono style tops (one featured in previous post)

3 x silk skirts …

And 1 x evening/cocktail skirt & top set. 

Now on the look out for some silk pants to really say it’s done!!! 

Cost of each piece ranged from $2.25-$15.00 with the average $4.00. Why buy new?


#OnlyOpShopSilk (this summer)

I LOVE Op Shopping (Thrift Shops). I’m addicted. I get great satisfaction finding a treasure.  My challenge this summer is to buy only silk. It’s luxurious and is cool during our hot summer. I’ll document as I go.

SILK evening gown $12 teamed with Seed singlet top $4 & ASOS jeans $5

Same jeans paired with bare shoulder SILK top $4.

Watch this space ….