How to make a blanket coat…

Today I made the coat from a fabulous vintage car rug. 

Here’s how I did it. 

Wash and tumble dry rug to preshrink and felt the fabric. 

Cut pattern pieces to ensure plaid lines up and fringe is used creatively. I used a jacket pattern and squared up the front pieces to allow for the ‘waterfall’ front. 

With right sides together, Stitch shoulder seams first. Stay stitch back neck edge to keep it from stretching. I do not finish blanket coat fabric edges as they are felted up enough to minimize fraying. If needed you can ‘stay-stitch’ all raw edges. 

After shoulder seams, stitch sleeves at shoulders. Then finish with side seams ensuring the plaid matches all the way down the sides. 

Essentially there are 5 pattern pieces and 6 seams in this pattern. The completed seams are stitched flat at each sleeve, shoulder and side seam. 

In less than an hour you have a beautiful warm coat made by recycling an old blanket. 

What next you ask?

Maybe a bomber jacket👊🏼💪🏼!

Bindy 💃🏻❤️


Blanket coat #3

Third coat done! This one from a grey bush blanket made from 50% wool &  50% any other fibre you can think of (I even found fishing line in the fabric!!!). Go figure! This mix means it hasn’t felted up with a hot wash and tumble dry. 

It’s light weight compared to the felted wool blankets from the previous two coats and so folds differently at the front too. 

One happy big sister! She calls it her medieval ‘Queen of the Rings’ coat!

The blankets are lining up now… next will be a camel coat with a new look collar… each one takes approximately one and a half hours max (including cutting the pattern). 🌪

Stay warm,