Op Shop Traveller

Heading off for a short trip to the other side of the country and I noticed how my op shop adventures make travel easy!

My carry on luggage by Longchamps (the real article too) was purchased during my #onlyopshopleather spree. 

My blanket coat courtesy of my op shop vintage blanket collection. 

To top if off, I’m wrapped in a beautiful soft new pink cashmere Pashmina purchased with tags on $2 from local ‘Good Sammy’s’.  

Safe travels everyone. ✈️❤️

Bindy x


Back to crochet… at last

I have my creative mojo back. 

I’m creating a long coat or cardigan. Striped pattern back with plain fronts. I’m recycling leather sleeves from an old jacket. Here’s the concept. 

Here’s the pattern. 

Will post updates. 

Bindy ❤️

Latest creation

Got my inspiration this weekend from https://www.etsy.com/listing/111390891/reserved-for-nicole-stoney-isle-chunky?utm_source=Pinterest&utm_medium=PageTools&utm_campaign=Share

So here is what I’ve created using 4 strands of 8ply soft acrylic. 


 Make bodice. 

The bodice is knitted in one piece starting at right sleeve cuff. Cast on 20 st using size 8 needles. Knit one row change needles to size 10mm. Stocking stitch all the way til it measures to the tip of shoulder. For me it was 18 inches/46cm. 

Shape shoulder. 

Inc on next knit row at st 10&11 (22 st). Inc on next knit row at st 11&12 (24 st). Continue stocking st 4 rows, inc on 4th  row st 12&13 (26 st), 6th row st 13&14 (28 st) and 10th row (30 st). Continue stocking stitch 2 more rows. 

Neck opening. 

Next knit row, knit to centre 2 st and cast off 2 st for neck opening. Finish row and continue stocking st on these 14 st. (Keep first 14 st on needle). Stocking stitch til work measures 12-13inches (if you want a wide boat neck opening). Leave stitches on needle (cut yarn) and rejoin yarn back to other 14 st and continue stocking st on these to match the other half. When work measures the same and in next knit row, cast on 2 st across to join other half (30 st). Continue 2 rows. 

Shape shoulder. 

Dec at centre x 2 (28st). Continue 4 rows. Dec on 4th row at centre x2 (26st), 6th row (24st)10th row (22st) and finally dec x2 on 12th row (30 st). Continue in stocking st down left sleeve until it matches right sleeve length. Cast of firmly. 

Front and back. 

Pick up centre 36 stitches along one side of main bodice piece so that first row is pearl row. Stocking st pattern 2 rows. Dec at  beg of next 6 rows   (30 st). 

Shape bust. 

Next knit row inc at st 5 & 25 (32st). And again on next knit row inc at st 5&25 (34st).  The dec at row ends was to shape underarms. The inc in these rows gives shape over bust and stops knitting from pulling. 

Continue in stocking st on these 34 st to work measures down to desired length. For me I stopped at top of my jeans (hip level – 12 inches). Cast off – if you can cast off without the work curling up that would be great. 

Repeat same for back on other side of main bodice piece. 

I continued the back a further 2 inches of rib stitch after reaching the 12 inches that matched the front. This gives the sweater a ‘tail’ which is an interesting feature. This is optional of course. 

Join at sides and steam to flatten bulky join across front and back bodice. 

So that’s it. 

Using 4 strands has made this a firm heavy sweater. The sleeves are long and tight fitting. 

It’s lovely  and warm. 

Next time I will make with 2 strands on size 10mm needles which will give it a more open loose look and feel. 

Bobble Stitch Bomber Jacket

The Bobble Bomber is complete. This prototype is great for a first time original adult pattern (me thinks)!!! I made a few adjustments after wearing it once. I crocheted in some ‘stay stitches’ in the form of a crocheted chain between shoulders as I noticed the soft acrylic stretched very quickly.


The basic construction is a one piece vest with two shaped arms. The collar is worked at the neck edge once assembled and before placing the chunky zip.


I am currently working on my second garment making adjustments and developing a written pattern. I will be posting it as a ‘Crochet Along’ if you want to give it a try.

To get prepared you will need 6 balls 100g Marvel Soft 8ply available from Spotlight in Australia – or similar. I use a 4.5mm crochet hook to create a good level of ease.


The Bobble Stitch created a really thick heavy fabric for this garment and so the Bomber Jacket is lovely and warm. I have just worn it traveling around Tasmania in temperatures between 3-14 degrees with just a woolen thermal sweater underneath!

Join me in creating your own over the next few weeks.

Loop Stitch Jacket

On a recent trip to Sydney I spent my in-flight mode getting a very big crochet fix. It is a four and a half hour flight from Perth to Sydney – Australia is a BIG country!!! So on the way over I got onto my remnant scarf. I had a whole lot of 100%pure wool left over from my brooch making craze – a scarf was a great option!

Crocheted in half double crochet stitch (hdc) in the back loop of each stitch and crocheted in the same direction for each row (no turning at the end) it’s a lovely herring bone pattern and is lovely and long for draping or wrapping around in bulk to create a range of looks.

photo 4-2

So… that was on the way to Sydney. The trip home was a whole other story.

I finished up the remaining sections of an original pattern for a Loop-Stitch Jacket created in a Mohair/Wool blend. I have to say it was a very messy affair… I was covered in white fur from head to toe and as I began to brush it off before landing in Perth, I got the attention of the steward who looked rather amused and then realised I was brushing all the fur onto the carpet below… hmmm !!!!

photo 5             photo 4

Getting the Loop-stitch even is always the tricky thing. My previous attempt at a loop-stitch jacket was a great look but not so even in stitch length.

   IMG_4469            IMG_4464

The explanation that helped solve my consistency problem was found in an old crochet book… ‘Joan Fisher’s Guide to Crochet’ (1973).

photo 2

“insert hook into next st., y.o.h. pull through to make two loops on hook, to make loop stitch take yarn from back of first finger of left hand, draw hook though st and first loop on hook, y.o.h. again, draw through remaining two loops on hook,  drop  loop from finger, loop is formed”

photo 1-1photo 2-1photo 3-1photo 4-1

This way the loops are even as each loop is pulled from around the back of the first finger each time!!!


Brooch Production…

My brooch production is in full swing.  If you look back on a previous post…

image The brooch

…you’ll see the original idea of brooch that converts to a pendant. ..which I LOVE and wear all the time – both ways.

Well of course I had a creative moment and the original would have been simple and fast in comparison to what I’m doing now!.

So…I have extended the original design into ‘sets’ rather than a single brooch. The sets comprise of three backing flowers and a large flower centre piece. All are finished with the appropriate press stud and brooch pin to enable the conversion of pendant to brooch in three different ways for three different looks!

Here’s the output so far… three sets – 2 with a ‘Spring’ flavour and one with a bold accent – perfect to contrast with winter black!

photo 4 photo 5

photo 4 photo 5

photo 4 photo 3

Still working of a variety of other colour combinations and looks… all available to purchase at the ‘Keepsakes’ store at http://www.madeit.com.au

Such fun!