Convict bag escapes to work in freedom!!! 

That convict bag from my  #onlyopshopleather purchase escaped captivity and is now a free bag – able to work and play! 

Haha! Seriously though, how big and how cool is this satchel? Fits my 13″ MacbookPro easily, along with all my everyday gear. My work satchel doubles as my working week hand bag too and I think this one works well as both. 

Bindy ❤️ 💼❤️


Getting a bargain 

This time I have made a purchase of $3 for a bag that appears new with no indicators of having been worn. I checked the site and new…. it is $395.00: Australian made, soft brown leather. 

So I’m taking bids… 😂😂

Here’s the link :

My #onlyopshopleather muse continues…


My new muse

I am changing gears for winter. 

My new op shop muse is #onlyopshopleather. Follow the # on instagram!

The #onlyopshopsilk summer has passed and I have found some of the most amazing items in my hunting and gathering. But I think I have exhausted all the silk supply in Perth! 

So with winter approaching and my love of op shopping not waining, I have decided on a new focus. I will continue to enjoy the fun of op shopping but only buy leather items! Shoes! Bags! Jackets! Skirts …. whatever fits, is made of leather and suits my winter style. 

Here’s my first purchase!

Three bags for less than $12.00. ‘Witchery’ buff leather handbag, ‘Seed Heritage’ tan nubuck tote bag and a black leather ‘Rugged Gear’ cross body bag. They are clean and only slightly pre-loved with so much more life in them. In fact the patina, that soft sheen that develops on the surface of the leather, imparting a character and personality, is only just developing. There is so  much more character to add as I wear them and enjoy them. 

❤ Bindy

That pop-tab messenger bag!

That pop-tab messenger bag project has not gone away! I don’t suppose it will go away until I actually settle down and finish it. I’ve decided it will be my New Year present to myself! I have plenty of pop-tabs and now that I am on Annual Leave, I have the time.

So the decision at this stage of the project is ‘what type of handle?’

I have decided on a shorter strap rather than a long body strap… Which means it is not going to be a messenger bag afterall.


I am in the throws of creating the flap that folds over the opening to give it a ‘messenger’ look.




Retro Pattern Parade – Day 4

“Stitchcraft” magazine from March 1972 is such good value for 40cents!

This ‘Chunky Traveller’ is a great looking bag idea… and it is VERY chunky!

I started making this bag using double 8ply… It was looking very good too… but alas… I unpicked it and used the wool in another project…if you persevere…let me know.

photo 2photo 3photo 4photo 5

See you tomorrow!…Day 5!

Pop tab (pull tab) crochet – my method… An epic post

I took some photos last week of my pop tab crochet method while constructing my messenger bag.

I am a bit pre-occupied with other projects at the moment and so this was on the back-burner for a while. I will finish it eventually…but in the meantime I wanted to share the method so those of you who are interested could get started with your own projects.

I make the patterns up as I go. I visualise each bag as a 3D shape and create the different components (faces of the shape) before assembling them all into the one piece. My current messenger bag will have three main components. The bag, the flap and the strap. The bag section is made as one large piece (approximately 50 rows of 30 pop tabs) that will be joined to create a seamless pouch. The flap (approximately 20 rows of 40 pop tabs) will be a rectangle matching the dimensions of the pouch opening and the strap will be a long thin shape (approx 2 rows of 120 pop tabs). I will have to ‘fill’ in the base of the bag – but I will cross that bridge when I get there!

How to crochet pop-tabs! 

So how do I join the pop-tabs to make the fabric of the bag?

As you can see the pop tabs are joined by a long row of single crochet which creates a seam which is hidden on the back side. The front of the fabric is smooth and only the flat part of the seam is visible.. The pop tabs are overlapped with right sides facing and then crocheted through the holes. Each stitch passes through four tab holes at a time – the outside two tabs are crocheted through the top hole and the centre two tabs are crocheted through the other hole. One new tab is added on the outside for each stitch. All other tabs are already forming the fabric as you go.

In this first photo I have inserted the hook ready to add a new pop tab … the hook is inserted through the top hole of the first and closest pop tab and the through the second hole of the other two.

photo 2




In this second photo, I have added the fourth pop tab for the stitch and have passed the hook through its top hole.



photo 3.



The yarn is drawn through all four poptab holes.




photo 4.

Proceed to complete a single crochet stitch by drawing the yarn over the hook and pulling through the two loops on the hook as in the next photo.

Before adding a new pop tab for the next stitch, crochet 1 ch (one chain stitch) to create a little space between stitches.



  photo 5            photo 1-1

At the end of each row (which incidentally reflects the depth of the bag you are creating), end off and burn the nylon thread to avoid it unravelling.

Let me know if I have missed an description or explanation  – I am happy to continue to post as much as needed to help you enjoy this process.


No crochet in sight…

Just because I haven’t been crocheting, doesn’t mean I haven’t been creative!

I am busy making up-cycled wool blanket handbags for my online shop.


These old wool blankets are a warm reminder of my childhood in the 60’s/70’s in New Zealand. We used them to make forts and indoor tents, play picnics in the lounge room, create costumes and robes and of course snuggle up under on those cold New Zealand winter nights.  All blankets are genuine Australian or New Zealand ‘Pure New Wool’ and have all had a glorious previous life – not sure I could call them vintage wool blankets – but all of them are old and very pre-loved. The names ‘Onkaparinga’ and ‘Homeleigh’ and ‘Waverley’ appear on their well worn tags.

Back in the days of my childhood … ‘doonas’ were called quilts and were used more like bedspreads … and so everyone had a set of wool blankets to call their own – much like the self selected Doona covers we have these days. My set was a yellow ochre tartan check (and I still have the pair – although I am starting to upcycle one of them into items to treasure for my own home), my older sister had a pink, cream and blue broad check and my younger sister had dark teal green and cream tartan.

The straps for the bags are made from belts given to me by my mum. She had been doing the tidy-up bit by bit after my step-dad passed away and from among all his clothes and belongings, thought these were ‘upcycle’ worthy. Thanks mum!

Creating something for everyday wear from all these warm memories is what inspired this bag design.


I will run out of dad’s old belts very soon. I’ll then start sourcing from local charity shops (op shops).

I am selling the bags in my online store ‘Keepsakes’  on ‘made’ .  Feedback from one buyer warmed my heart – it was a memory for her too!


Perhaps one brings back memories for you too… I’d love to share it with you.

Love, Bindy.