Pull Tab (Soda Tab) Crochet

I saw a bag made from pull tabs (off the top of soft drink/soda cans). It was crocheted and the tabs created an amazing ‘indie glomesh’…bigger and better than the original glomesh my grandma’s purse was made out of in the 70’s …so like all things interesting I decided it was something I could make too! There’s a long story to how I gathered enough pull tabs to make it… needless to say I appropriated them. Here’s how it is coming together so far…

Repeat the single crochet around the centre cross bar of the pull tab three times then single crochet before and after the treble from the row beneath.

The yarn in this example is ‘Romantic’ by Moda Vera  –  it may no longer be available. 

Bindy ⛓💙