Trying to stay organised!

I am desperate to appear organised even though I am not really. Perhaps you are a bit like that too. Some order (not a lot),  frees up a bit of space in my creative mind, for more thinking. A little thing, like keeping all my hooks and ‘whatnots’ in the same place, is a help.

I have recently repurposed a Cath Kitson ‘Cath Kids’ zip up pencil case as a ‘hook case’.

photo 1

Quite a thoughtful idea, I thought.

photo 2       photo 3

A felted case houses my spares currently. The free pattern can be found at

photo 1-1          photo 2-1



Crochet from a generation ago…

This blog is called generationcrochet for a few reasons … (1) crochet knows no boundaries – it crosses the generation gap, (2) its artefacts become heirlooms passed down from generation to generation and (3) each generation creates new and wonderful ways of exploring and expressing through it.

This really hit me when I came upon a fabulous crochet baby’s cap this morning.

It was crocheted by my grandmother in New Zealand, probably in the late 60’s. It was made  for my younger sister. I still remember her wearing it. It was in my possession after my sister loaned to me when my daughter was very small. She wore it a few times (for posterity)  but as you can see it is very fragile. It cradled her small head neatly and was a cute talking point with the bear’s face on the back of the head that could be seen when she was held over my shoulder.

photo 1        photo 2-1

photo 2        photo 3-1

photo 4

How cute is it? But I am thinking… “Would I put these same colours together today?”

The brooch that is a necklace…is done!

So…it’s done.

The brooch that converts to a pendant is now a reality.

From conception to creation in less than 24 hours!

The two motifs         With snaps

The brooch

The brooch is held together by a button snap. When pulled apart you can thread a long chain through the petals of the small motif to create a groovy pendant!

As a pendant          image

Would you like to make one? I can pop the pattern up…or maybe I can make one for you and post it on my shop front? Let me know…

New idea… a crochet motif brooch that converts to a necklace

Hmmm… I don’t understand my creative process sometimes. Ideas just seem to occur to me and they drop in at all hours and in random places… this one came to me about an hour ago, washing my hands at the basin in the bathroom…!!!

So, the idea is to create to two separate round motifs – ‘snap’ them together so they can be separated – when snapped together they are a brooch – when pulled apart the smaller motif becomes a fabulous pendant necklace… kinda like the one I wear currently and is pictured below. Humour me…


I will be working on this tonight while the kids are out at youth group! I will pop photos up ASAP!!! I’m excited!

Watch this space…