Designer Op Shop Silk

I had the occasion recently to attend a beautiful wedding. My recent #onlyopshopsilk summer project provided me with the most elegant outfit: A stunning cream and brown two piece cocktail ensemble!

Designed by Stellini of Melbourne it really needs no elaborate description as you can see what a quality garment it is. It is 100% Shantung Silk. Luxurious to wear. $15.00 from a local Salvation Army Store. Shoes also courtesy of a ‘pre-loved fashion’ outlet. 

Here I am outside the chapel laughing at the future with my darling daughter. (Prob 31:25)



I recently celebrated an evening with my darling husband and family for our 30th ‘Pearl’ Wedding Anniversary in preloved luminous silk. 

Robe $15 from North Sydney Vinnies over grey ‘Silky’ pants $4 from Good Sammy’s. 100% silk ‘Gregory’ top was gifted to me rather than being sent to the Op Shop!!!  New tan leather Court shoes $2 from Good Sammy’s (Cannington).

Honestly, why buy new clothes? 

I am wearing something new though! You may spot it! 😉 After all,  30 years married does require a special little something to commemorate it. 

My secret to a long and happy marriage is simple. LOVE!

I don’t mean ‘falling in love’ or romantic love – as important as that is in establishing and maintaining a beautiful reationship. 

I mean ‘choosing’ love. 

Every day. In every conversation. In every reply. In every attitude. 

Choosing to be patient, kind, hopeful, not envious or boastful, not seeking to show ones-self up as better than the other and not resentful. Choosing love means choosing to be truthful, selfless and forgiving. 

1 Cor 13:1-7

Much love,

Bindy ❤

#OnlyOpShopSilk (this summer)

I LOVE Op Shopping (Thrift Shops). I’m addicted. I get great satisfaction finding a treasure.  My challenge this summer is to buy only silk. It’s luxurious and is cool during our hot summer. I’ll document as I go.

SILK evening gown $12 teamed with Seed singlet top $4 & ASOS jeans $5

Same jeans paired with bare shoulder SILK top $4.

Watch this space ….