Asymmetrical Scarf

You can tell my university marking is over for a spell. I’m back crocheting in the evenings. It feels so good.   

Current project is a ‘Sedimentary’ Scarf. Found on Ravelry. Originally made with variegated sock yarn to create the layered look of sedimentary rock. My version is in soft cotton yarn to allow the texture of the varied stitch pattern to show.   

The simple things are often the best!


Treasure Pouches

At a local fete recently there was one stall that took the cake as the ‘all time best seller’. A creative crochet wiz had made little crochet sacks that are worn around the neck and sewed little characters (mice) to ‘live’ in them. She titled them “Pets that don’t poo!” 


So, my little niece bought one and we recreated a few more for her own collection of mice characters from her favourite story book. 

I believe the little pouches sold for $10.00! 

… The crochet wiz was last seen in the south of France, squandering the takings! 😉🤑

Chicken Licken

This  cool little cozi was created out of 4 strands of scrap yarn for a dear friend whose tea goes cold in the pot before we can drink it. She has a coop in her yard with some delightful chooks so I thought this would suit her perfectly. 

It’s knitted on 10mm needles, 20 stitches X 60 rows. A few stitches to join the sides and a few tufts to finish. Too easy!