Escama Pop Tab Crochet

If you have not yet found Escama Studios, they are the original Pop Tab Crochet experts. 

Hit the image to visit the online store. 

Visit my Pop Tab tutorials on this blog to begin creating your own. 

Bindy 🔥


Video of pop-tab crochet (my method)

I have had so many hits on this blog looking for the pop-tab photos and tutorial. So here is a video or two to show the technique. I tried to comment along the way but I have a cough at the moment and it kept interrupting my narration. 

Anyway, scroll down or not to search this blog for the picture tutorial that is the same method as presented here. 

Here is a front version …

Happy pop-tab crochet everyone. 

That pop-tab messenger bag!

That pop-tab messenger bag project has not gone away! I don’t suppose it will go away until I actually settle down and finish it. I’ve decided it will be my New Year present to myself! I have plenty of pop-tabs and now that I am on Annual Leave, I have the time.

So the decision at this stage of the project is ‘what type of handle?’

I have decided on a shorter strap rather than a long body strap… Which means it is not going to be a messenger bag afterall.


I am in the throws of creating the flap that folds over the opening to give it a ‘messenger’ look.