Spangle EMU Yarn (c1976)

I have just taken possession of 9 x 50g balls of this fabulous yarn from 1976.



The colour here is true to the real colour. Yes, it’s bright! You won’t lose me in the crowd when I’m wearing it!


The cost? $9.00!


Swing Jacket

I don’t usually crochet baby clothes … But I have just finished this little fluffy swing coat/top for my neighbour’s little girl, born three weeks ago. The graduated colour panels are worked into the back loop to create a ‘fold’ appearance. The pattern is the ‘Eloise Baby Sweater’. Personally, I will not use the fluff effect again, no matter how adorably cuddly it is. The interesting fan effect of the sweater has been lost as the fluffy edges blur together. Next time I’ll be selecting yarn to accentuate the sharp lines! This is a fun sweater and in the funky colours, like the pattern online, is a great baby fashion statement! The link for the pattern is on