No crochet in sight…

Just because I haven’t been crocheting, doesn’t mean I haven’t been creative!

I am busy making up-cycled wool blanket handbags for my online shop.


These old wool blankets are a warm reminder of my childhood in the 60’s/70’s in New Zealand. We used them to make forts and indoor tents, play picnics in the lounge room, create costumes and robes and of course snuggle up under on those cold New Zealand winter nights.  All blankets are genuine Australian or New Zealand ‘Pure New Wool’ and have all had a glorious previous life – not sure I could call them vintage wool blankets – but all of them are old and very pre-loved. The names ‘Onkaparinga’ and ‘Homeleigh’ and ‘Waverley’ appear on their well worn tags.

Back in the days of my childhood … ‘doonas’ were called quilts and were used more like bedspreads … and so everyone had a set of wool blankets to call their own – much like the self selected Doona covers we have these days. My set was a yellow ochre tartan check (and I still have the pair – although I am starting to upcycle one of them into items to treasure for my own home), my older sister had a pink, cream and blue broad check and my younger sister had dark teal green and cream tartan.

The straps for the bags are made from belts given to me by my mum. She had been doing the tidy-up bit by bit after my step-dad passed away and from among all his clothes and belongings, thought these were ‘upcycle’ worthy. Thanks mum!

Creating something for everyday wear from all these warm memories is what inspired this bag design.


I will run out of dad’s old belts very soon. I’ll then start sourcing from local charity shops (op shops).

I am selling the bags in my online store ‘Keepsakes’  on ‘made’ .  Feedback from one buyer warmed my heart – it was a memory for her too!


Perhaps one brings back memories for you too… I’d love to share it with you.

Love, Bindy.


Shop with me…

I have entered the world of online selling. If you would like to check out my store it is on the Australian Handmade Site

Let me know what you think.



What’s old is new again

Last year I played around with making my own wallet after seeing a ‘Golden book’  coin purse in a local shop. I had some fabulous old sewing patterns and loved one so much, the thought of carrying it around with me inspired my sewing pattern wallets. I have given many away as gifts and even sold some to a fabulous shop at the top of the hill where I live. They do have a relatively short life compared to the Oroton wallet that did me well for a couple of years, but when they have gone past their use by date, I simply find another pattern and make a new one! This one was a Christmas present…

The pattern envelope is sandwiched between clear plastic and stitched. They aren’t entirely waterproof…but then again I never take my wallet swimming!