Retro Pattern Parade – Day 6

Summer Crochet!
Check out this hip crochet pants suit! Circa 1970s.
25 patterns for 50 cents!
This is why I love these old books – value for money.





Retro Pattern Parade – Day 5

This gorgeous book is full of big hair, luscious lashes and sweet 60s tops.

photo 1

      photo 2        photo 3

photo 4        photo 5

Love this crocheted Long Sleeve Blouse!

See you tomorrow!

Retro Pattern Parade – Day 4

“Stitchcraft” magazine from March 1972 is such good value for 40cents!

This ‘Chunky Traveller’ is a great looking bag idea… and it is VERY chunky!

I started making this bag using double 8ply… It was looking very good too… but alas… I unpicked it and used the wool in another project…if you persevere…let me know.

photo 2photo 3photo 4photo 5

See you tomorrow!…Day 5!

Retro Pattern Parade – Day 3

Here’s a great one from 1972!

The ‘Coles Knitting Magazine – Volume 1’ with knitting and crochet patterns for the whole family! Espousing the quality of its own brand ‘Embassy’.

Would you believe there is a crochet cardigan pattern in here for the guys!

My favourite would have to be the ‘Newsboy’ cap … in bright yellow of course! The colour of the 70s was brash and bold. Love it!

photo 1

photo 2       photo 3

photo 4

photo 5

See you tomorrow!