Crochet Hat Travel Log

The Newsboy Cap is getting a good work out and that Swirls Cap has been a life saver. NYC is putting on the most beautiful weather – clear and cool.   

** Swirls Cap minus the peak. 

I now need to find more yarn having used te small stash I brought with me. The Purl SoHo might be my next NYC attraction to visit!! One of my favourite Blog subscriptions. 



Ready for NYC 

The plane from Oz to DC saw me redo my Swirls Cap twice!!! Changing gauge can be frustrating! Anyhow, that cap is still on the go (3rd attempt). 

In the meantime, the Amtrack from DC to NYC was a perfect 2 hour window to recreate that trusty Newsboy Cap. And that old 70’s pattern didn’t fail me! 

It’s from an archived site “Groovy Crochet” loaded with retro crochet goodness. It is so easy and is a great look, like nothing you can buy. My fave!

Now to show it off to NYC! 

Retro Pattern Parade – Day 3

Here’s a great one from 1972!

The ‘Coles Knitting Magazine – Volume 1’ with knitting and crochet patterns for the whole family! Espousing the quality of its own brand ‘Embassy’.

Would you believe there is a crochet cardigan pattern in here for the guys!

My favourite would have to be the ‘Newsboy’ cap … in bright yellow of course! The colour of the 70s was brash and bold. Love it!

photo 1

photo 2       photo 3

photo 4

photo 5

See you tomorrow!

Crochet from a generation ago…

This blog is called generationcrochet for a few reasons … (1) crochet knows no boundaries – it crosses the generation gap, (2) its artefacts become heirlooms passed down from generation to generation and (3) each generation creates new and wonderful ways of exploring and expressing through it.

This really hit me when I came upon a fabulous crochet baby’s cap this morning.

It was crocheted by my grandmother in New Zealand, probably in the late 60’s. It was made  for my younger sister. I still remember her wearing it. It was in my possession after my sister loaned to me when my daughter was very small. She wore it a few times (for posterity)  but as you can see it is very fragile. It cradled her small head neatly and was a cute talking point with the bear’s face on the back of the head that could be seen when she was held over my shoulder.

photo 1        photo 2-1

photo 2        photo 3-1

photo 4

How cute is it? But I am thinking… “Would I put these same colours together today?”

The Best Beanie

All my 16 year old son’s friends and their dads hailed this as the best beanie and I couldn’t make them quickly enough last winter…

Found at

I used double 8ply yarn for a really solid and strong beanie. The extra warmth was not really the reason…winter here in Western Australia is rarely colder than 10-15 degrees C during the day. We love to ‘rug up’ though as we all long for a chilly or even white winter! It’s never going to happen…