Turning 50!

I turn 50 next week and had a gathering of my nearest and dearest last night. It was delightful. 

I asked them to rug up in all their knitted and crocheted goodness as it was a stormy night in Perth, Western Australia… And so out came the retro knits, hand knitted scarves, crochet granny rugs and ponchos! The lovely thing was, every item had a story to tell about who, when, where etc. How wonderful that we can tell stories of our lives through items that have been lovingly crafted by a real person. 

I made a cake for the occasion. A big birthday needs a big cake and of course big crochet adornments! 

It’s a ‘semi-naked’ cake. 9 layers stacked with butter cream frosting. It had a stabilizing dowel through the middle but the alternate custard layers began to slip and create a slight lean as the night progressed… Hahaha

The crochet giant chrysanthemums were a perfect embellishment under a mini vintage blanket bunting strung between two knitting needles! 

What more could a crocheting, knitting fifty year old want on a cake!