Brooch Production…

My brooch production is in full swing.  If you look back on a previous post…

image The brooch

…you’ll see the original idea of brooch that converts to a pendant. ..which I LOVE and wear all the time – both ways.

Well of course I had a creative moment and the original would have been simple and fast in comparison to what I’m doing now!.

So…I have extended the original design into ‘sets’ rather than a single brooch. The sets comprise of three backing flowers and a large flower centre piece. All are finished with the appropriate press stud and brooch pin to enable the conversion of pendant to brooch in three different ways for three different looks!

Here’s the output so far… three sets – 2 with a ‘Spring’ flavour and one with a bold accent – perfect to contrast with winter black!

photo 4 photo 5

photo 4 photo 5

photo 4 photo 3

Still working of a variety of other colour combinations and looks… all available to purchase at the ‘Keepsakes’ store at

Such fun!