New Crochet Creation

Last winter I crocheted the Loop Stitch Jacket, pictured in an earlier post and also below.


I made it up as I went along (sorry pattern seekers)! To my surprise there are Loop Stitch Jackets turning up everywhere! Temt (a low priced fashion store in Australia) has them for $40 in black and cream!!!

I have never followed the fashion trends and now it turns out I lead them!!!!! That’s my take anyway!

So this winter is calling for more crochet goodness and I am experimenting with the bobble stitch. I am going to create a ‘Bobble Stitch Bomber Jacket’ with chunky zip.

Here’s a sneak peek at the beginnings… In grey acrylic.


I’ll keep you all updated!


Scrap Yarn Baby Vest

A little bit of left over yarn can be the making of a delightful vest for times of adventure and fun. I can just see the daughter of a very creative and adventurist friend getting up to creative fun in this little article.


The free pattern for this Colourful Scrap Yarn Cardi has a great ‘one piece construction’ with raglan sleeves that allow the colours to wrap around the shoulders creating a vibrant and seamless look.


So, I’m just waiting for this little lady to arrive so we can gift her with this splash of colour!

Knit-Look Crocheted Pullover

I love trying something new. How about crochet that looks like knitting? This delightful pattern from Holland Designs is a great working of this style.


I am pairing the little jacket with a beanie in the same stitch. And because this little boy has a bearded daddy I have made a novel detachable beard for fun photo times. Little Judah G will never have to wear it to keep the frost away – that will never happen in sunny Perth, Western Australia!

Here is the link to her Etsy store to purchase the pattern. Knit-Look Pullover