Pick Knitting

My knitting has been revolutionized since discovering ‘pick knitting’. 


Turning 50!

I turn 50 next week and had a gathering of my nearest and dearest last night. It was delightful. 

I asked them to rug up in all their knitted and crocheted goodness as it was a stormy night in Perth, Western Australia… And so out came the retro knits, hand knitted scarves, crochet granny rugs and ponchos! The lovely thing was, every item had a story to tell about who, when, where etc. How wonderful that we can tell stories of our lives through items that have been lovingly crafted by a real person. 

I made a cake for the occasion. A big birthday needs a big cake and of course big crochet adornments! 

It’s a ‘semi-naked’ cake. 9 layers stacked with butter cream frosting. It had a stabilizing dowel through the middle but the alternate custard layers began to slip and create a slight lean as the night progressed… Hahaha

The crochet giant chrysanthemums were a perfect embellishment under a mini vintage blanket bunting strung between two knitting needles! 

What more could a crocheting, knitting fifty year old want on a cake! 

Upcycled Vintage Wool

Any big occasion calls for bunting!

 …and a ‘vintage’ birthday calls for vintage bunting of course!

I’ve been busy making bunting for my big 50! Is 50 considered vintage?

The gathering will be outside on a cool Australian winter’s night. We’ll have braziers glowing and hot soup on tap. I’ll put out all the crochet granny rugs I can find and the  vintage wool blanket bunting will be swaying in the breeze (hopefully not sagging in the rain!).


It’s Saturday again

I’m here again, Saturday soccer. 

This time it’s opportunity to recreate a great cap I made years ago from ‘Groovy Crochet’ – a fabulous site for 60’s patterns that were ultra groovy. 

So I’m working away and realized this…

As ‘art imitates art’ so too does ‘crochet imitate crochet’!

If you want to make your own, you can find the pattern at a tribute site – https://sites.google.com/site/groovycrochet/home/another-cap-scarf 


Just sittin’ and knittin’

My 15 yo son asked, “Can you take me to soccer and watch my game?”

I thought, “Great! I can get the sleeve knitted!”


I cheered from the warmth of the car, saw the whole game! (Inbetween rows!)

Currently knitting Eyelet Yoke Sweater (without eyelets) !!! Top down, in the round, seamless! 


Sideways Knit Sweater – pattern update 

So I made another sweater this weekend!

Just like the one a few weeks back but this time using 3 strands not 4. The sleeve shaping works a treat and I made a sime adjustment and collected 40 stitches along the front and back and decreased 5 at each end over alternate rows to get back to 30 stitches. This is a comfortable underarm fit.   

I neglected the increase for the bust just to see if it was necessary and it doesn’t seem it is for a size 10-12 like me.  

I should have made it longer and went back and made 6 more rows hence you can see a line across the front. But I don’t mind any quirky stitch work in a grey sweater. It’s fine. 

So the pattern is in good order. Just ensure your length is as desired before casting off. 

My thinking is for a larger fit – add 2 stitches (per size) to original cast on for sleeves. And pick up 2 extra stitches across the front and back. Perhaps retain the bust increases if your bust will pull the fabric. Arm and body length is adjustable. It is a close fit sweater so add more stitches at arm or body for a looser fit.