Might have to wear this to the KnitCafe in Toronoto when I go!

I have just finished my ‘504 King West’ scarf. I have been looking for a bandana style knitted scarf to take away on a trip to north east USA planned for November. I have plenty of chunky knit scarves, but was looking for something more creative but still in garter stitch. This stitch screams simplicity and sustainability to me. It reminds me that making your own is so much better than buying manufactured. 

So, I found it. I found the perfect pattern. 

Visit the blog yourself here. The TorontoKnitCafe is going to be a ‘must visit’ when I’m in town later this year. Perfect scarf wearing weather in November too! 


 The acrylic yarn is a bit stiff. My next attempt will be with a soft yarn to allow for a more natural drape. 

Til then,



Video of pop-tab crochet (my method)

I have had so many hits on this blog looking for the pop-tab photos and tutorial. So here is a video or two to show the technique. I tried to comment along the way but I have a cough at the moment and it kept interrupting my narration. 

Anyway, scroll down or not to search this blog for the picture tutorial that is the same method as presented here. 

Here is a front version …

Happy pop-tab crochet everyone.