Turning 50!

I turn 50 next week and had a gathering of my nearest and dearest last night. It was delightful. 

I asked them to rug up in all their knitted and crocheted goodness as it was a stormy night in Perth, Western Australia… And so out came the retro knits, hand knitted scarves, crochet granny rugs and ponchos! The lovely thing was, every item had a story to tell about who, when, where etc. How wonderful that we can tell stories of our lives through items that have been lovingly crafted by a real person. 

I made a cake for the occasion. A big birthday needs a big cake and of course big crochet adornments! 

It’s a ‘semi-naked’ cake. 9 layers stacked with butter cream frosting. It had a stabilizing dowel through the middle but the alternate custard layers began to slip and create a slight lean as the night progressed… Hahaha

The crochet giant chrysanthemums were a perfect embellishment under a mini vintage blanket bunting strung between two knitting needles! 

What more could a crocheting, knitting fifty year old want on a cake! 


Upcycled Vintage Wool

Any big occasion calls for bunting!

 …and a ‘vintage’ birthday calls for vintage bunting of course!

I’ve been busy making bunting for my big 50! Is 50 considered vintage?

The gathering will be outside on a cool Australian winter’s night. We’ll have braziers glowing and hot soup on tap. I’ll put out all the crochet granny rugs I can find and the  vintage wool blanket bunting will be swaying in the breeze (hopefully not sagging in the rain!).


It’s Saturday again

I’m here again, Saturday soccer. 

This time it’s opportunity to recreate a great cap I made years ago from ‘Groovy Crochet’ – a fabulous site for 60’s patterns that were ultra groovy. 

So I’m working away and realized this…

As ‘art imitates art’ so too does ‘crochet imitate crochet’!

If you want to make your own, you can find the pattern at a tribute site – https://sites.google.com/site/groovycrochet/home/another-cap-scarf 


Retro Pattern Parade – Day 1

I have been going through my patterns as part of a clean up, tidy up and relocation of my creative space. I thought I would share some of the rare finds with you all. For the next few weeks, I’ll post some of the books and images of these great out-of-print pattern books. Most are pre 1980 so beware of crochet hipster, retro and vintage goodness… Including pants suits, bathing suits, ponchos and more.

Enjoy and let me know if you decide to make one a project…




The Complete Book of Crochet c1973!

No crochet in sight…

Just because I haven’t been crocheting, doesn’t mean I haven’t been creative!

I am busy making up-cycled wool blanket handbags for my online shop.


These old wool blankets are a warm reminder of my childhood in the 60’s/70’s in New Zealand. We used them to make forts and indoor tents, play picnics in the lounge room, create costumes and robes and of course snuggle up under on those cold New Zealand winter nights.  All blankets are genuine Australian or New Zealand ‘Pure New Wool’ and have all had a glorious previous life – not sure I could call them vintage wool blankets – but all of them are old and very pre-loved. The names ‘Onkaparinga’ and ‘Homeleigh’ and ‘Waverley’ appear on their well worn tags.

Back in the days of my childhood … ‘doonas’ were called quilts and were used more like bedspreads … and so everyone had a set of wool blankets to call their own – much like the self selected Doona covers we have these days. My set was a yellow ochre tartan check (and I still have the pair – although I am starting to upcycle one of them into items to treasure for my own home), my older sister had a pink, cream and blue broad check and my younger sister had dark teal green and cream tartan.

The straps for the bags are made from belts given to me by my mum. She had been doing the tidy-up bit by bit after my step-dad passed away and from among all his clothes and belongings, thought these were ‘upcycle’ worthy. Thanks mum!

Creating something for everyday wear from all these warm memories is what inspired this bag design.


I will run out of dad’s old belts very soon. I’ll then start sourcing from local charity shops (op shops).

I am selling the bags in my online store ‘Keepsakes’  on ‘made it.com.au’ .  Feedback from one buyer warmed my heart – it was a memory for her too!


Perhaps one brings back memories for you too… I’d love to share it with you.

Love, Bindy.

More than crochet…

Well, the long service leave is well and truly underway and the creative juices are flowing. I have been neglecting the crochet for other pursuits…namely sewing. I still have crochet projects in sight and planned, but got excited about an idea for making a handbag from old wool blankets.

upcycled blanket bagdoggiebed

I have been collecting the fabulous ‘Onkaparinga’ blankets from Op Shops and was going to create cushion covers and doggie beds…but then the bag idea came to mind.

I have upcycled my dad’s old belts as the straps and added covered buttons to keep the strap in place. It’s soft and unique. Love it!

photo 5-1

photo 2