Back to crochet… at last

I have my creative mojo back. 

I’m creating a long coat or cardigan. Striped pattern back with plain fronts. I’m recycling leather sleeves from an old jacket. Here’s the concept. 

Here’s the pattern. 

Will post updates. 

Bindy ❤️


Crochet Hat Travel Log

The Newsboy Cap is getting a good work out and that Swirls Cap has been a life saver. NYC is putting on the most beautiful weather – clear and cool.   

** Swirls Cap minus the peak. 

I now need to find more yarn having used te small stash I brought with me. The Purl SoHo might be my next NYC attraction to visit!! One of my favourite Blog subscriptions. 


Turning 50!

I turn 50 next week and had a gathering of my nearest and dearest last night. It was delightful. 

I asked them to rug up in all their knitted and crocheted goodness as it was a stormy night in Perth, Western Australia… And so out came the retro knits, hand knitted scarves, crochet granny rugs and ponchos! The lovely thing was, every item had a story to tell about who, when, where etc. How wonderful that we can tell stories of our lives through items that have been lovingly crafted by a real person. 

I made a cake for the occasion. A big birthday needs a big cake and of course big crochet adornments! 

It’s a ‘semi-naked’ cake. 9 layers stacked with butter cream frosting. It had a stabilizing dowel through the middle but the alternate custard layers began to slip and create a slight lean as the night progressed… Hahaha

The crochet giant chrysanthemums were a perfect embellishment under a mini vintage blanket bunting strung between two knitting needles! 

What more could a crocheting, knitting fifty year old want on a cake! 

Bobble Stitch Bomber Jacket

The Bobble Bomber is complete. This prototype is great for a first time original adult pattern (me thinks)!!! I made a few adjustments after wearing it once. I crocheted in some ‘stay stitches’ in the form of a crocheted chain between shoulders as I noticed the soft acrylic stretched very quickly.


The basic construction is a one piece vest with two shaped arms. The collar is worked at the neck edge once assembled and before placing the chunky zip.


I am currently working on my second garment making adjustments and developing a written pattern. I will be posting it as a ‘Crochet Along’ if you want to give it a try.

To get prepared you will need 6 balls 100g Marvel Soft 8ply available from Spotlight in Australia – or similar. I use a 4.5mm crochet hook to create a good level of ease.


The Bobble Stitch created a really thick heavy fabric for this garment and so the Bomber Jacket is lovely and warm. I have just worn it traveling around Tasmania in temperatures between 3-14 degrees with just a woolen thermal sweater underneath!

Join me in creating your own over the next few weeks.

New Crochet Creation

Last winter I crocheted the Loop Stitch Jacket, pictured in an earlier post and also below.


I made it up as I went along (sorry pattern seekers)! To my surprise there are Loop Stitch Jackets turning up everywhere! Temt (a low priced fashion store in Australia) has them for $40 in black and cream!!!

I have never followed the fashion trends and now it turns out I lead them!!!!! That’s my take anyway!

So this winter is calling for more crochet goodness and I am experimenting with the bobble stitch. I am going to create a ‘Bobble Stitch Bomber Jacket’ with chunky zip.

Here’s a sneak peek at the beginnings… In grey acrylic.


I’ll keep you all updated!

Swing Jacket

I don’t usually crochet baby clothes … But I have just finished this little fluffy swing coat/top for my neighbour’s little girl, born three weeks ago. The graduated colour panels are worked into the back loop to create a ‘fold’ appearance. The pattern is the ‘Eloise Baby Sweater’. Personally, I will not use the fluff effect again, no matter how adorably cuddly it is. The interesting fan effect of the sweater has been lost as the fluffy edges blur together. Next time I’ll be selecting yarn to accentuate the sharp lines! This is a fun sweater and in the funky colours, like the pattern online, is a great baby fashion statement! The link for the pattern is on