Get started while I finish mine…

If you want to get started on your own Granny Beach Bag…

You will need, 4mm hook and 8ply wool.

Create a granny circle to a size suitable for you. I’m making mine with a diameter of 44-48cm. I want a large bag for carrying all my junk to the beach.

Granny circle on the go...

Use the pattern found on this blog to get your circle done:

I’ll be back with the pattern for sides and handles.

Have fun!


Crochet Cuffs

This Christmas I decided on creating some crochet wrist wear. Instead of clangy bracelets and bangles, I thought custom made crochet wristbands/cuffs/bracelets would make great prezzies. Here are some samples. Patterns available soon… See the link to the patterns page above.

Crochet cuffs stitched to pages cut from old books.
Crochet cuffs stitched to pages cut from old books.
Vintage button detail
Vintage button detail

The best is yet to come…

Hi everyone,
I go on leave from my usual ‘day job’ today for 7 months. That’s right! TODAY! Seven Months! So…. keep a lookout for new posts because I have every intention of doing what I love during the seven months and of course crochet is at the top of the list. I have some Christmas presents (last minute of course) ready to create over the weekend, so if you are wondering what to get the indie girl who has everything and have little time left … keep watch, as I have been playing with a very cute vintage look crochet lace cuff with button embellishment that will fit all styles and trends. It will take about 45 minutes to create!
God bless and let’s catch up soon,