Turning 50!

I turn 50 next week and had a gathering of my nearest and dearest last night. It was delightful. 

I asked them to rug up in all their knitted and crocheted goodness as it was a stormy night in Perth, Western Australia… And so out came the retro knits, hand knitted scarves, crochet granny rugs and ponchos! The lovely thing was, every item had a story to tell about who, when, where etc. How wonderful that we can tell stories of our lives through items that have been lovingly crafted by a real person. 

I made a cake for the occasion. A big birthday needs a big cake and of course big crochet adornments! 

It’s a ‘semi-naked’ cake. 9 layers stacked with butter cream frosting. It had a stabilizing dowel through the middle but the alternate custard layers began to slip and create a slight lean as the night progressed… Hahaha

The crochet giant chrysanthemums were a perfect embellishment under a mini vintage blanket bunting strung between two knitting needles! 

What more could a crocheting, knitting fifty year old want on a cake! 


Latest creation

Got my inspiration this weekend from https://www.etsy.com/listing/111390891/reserved-for-nicole-stoney-isle-chunky?utm_source=Pinterest&utm_medium=PageTools&utm_campaign=Share

So here is what I’ve created using 4 strands of 8ply soft acrylic. 


 Make bodice. 

The bodice is knitted in one piece starting at right sleeve cuff. Cast on 20 st using size 8 needles. Knit one row change needles to size 10mm. Stocking stitch all the way til it measures to the tip of shoulder. For me it was 18 inches/46cm. 

Shape shoulder. 

Inc on next knit row at st 10&11 (22 st). Inc on next knit row at st 11&12 (24 st). Continue stocking st 4 rows, inc on 4th  row st 12&13 (26 st), 6th row st 13&14 (28 st) and 10th row (30 st). Continue stocking stitch 2 more rows. 

Neck opening. 

Next knit row, knit to centre 2 st and cast off 2 st for neck opening. Finish row and continue stocking st on these 14 st. (Keep first 14 st on needle). Stocking stitch til work measures 12-13inches (if you want a wide boat neck opening). Leave stitches on needle (cut yarn) and rejoin yarn back to other 14 st and continue stocking st on these to match the other half. When work measures the same and in next knit row, cast on 2 st across to join other half (30 st). Continue 2 rows. 

Shape shoulder. 

Dec at centre x 2 (28st). Continue 4 rows. Dec on 4th row at centre x2 (26st), 6th row (24st)10th row (22st) and finally dec x2 on 12th row (30 st). Continue in stocking st down left sleeve until it matches right sleeve length. Cast of firmly. 

Front and back. 

Pick up centre 36 stitches along one side of main bodice piece so that first row is pearl row. Stocking st pattern 2 rows. Dec at  beg of next 6 rows   (30 st). 

Shape bust. 

Next knit row inc at st 5 & 25 (32st). And again on next knit row inc at st 5&25 (34st).  The dec at row ends was to shape underarms. The inc in these rows gives shape over bust and stops knitting from pulling. 

Continue in stocking st on these 34 st to work measures down to desired length. For me I stopped at top of my jeans (hip level – 12 inches). Cast off – if you can cast off without the work curling up that would be great. 

Repeat same for back on other side of main bodice piece. 

I continued the back a further 2 inches of rib stitch after reaching the 12 inches that matched the front. This gives the sweater a ‘tail’ which is an interesting feature. This is optional of course. 

Join at sides and steam to flatten bulky join across front and back bodice. 

So that’s it. 

Using 4 strands has made this a firm heavy sweater. The sleeves are long and tight fitting. 

It’s lovely  and warm. 

Next time I will make with 2 strands on size 10mm needles which will give it a more open loose look and feel.