Back to crochet… at last

I have my creative mojo back. 

I’m creating a long coat or cardigan. Striped pattern back with plain fronts. I’m recycling leather sleeves from an old jacket. Here’s the concept. 

Here’s the pattern. 

Will post updates. 

Bindy ❤️


Scrap Yarn Baby Vest

A little bit of left over yarn can be the making of a delightful vest for times of adventure and fun. I can just see the daughter of a very creative and adventurist friend getting up to creative fun in this little article.


The free pattern for this Colourful Scrap Yarn Cardi has a great ‘one piece construction’ with raglan sleeves that allow the colours to wrap around the shoulders creating a vibrant and seamless look.


So, I’m just waiting for this little lady to arrive so we can gift her with this splash of colour!