Op Shop bag – remade

I found this fabulous crocheted bag at the Salvo’s (Salvation Army Shop). It was easy to see the pattern and so… like all good crochet creatives, I set about recreating this bygone era bag.

I had some wool left over from my crochet hat phase, so used that for the first attempt. The pattern was easy enough, but the real wool (with felting qualities) made it a fuzzy representation of the original…

I decided to seek out some cotton thread, as this was what the original was made with. So, with ‘Sullivans’ Coton-A 5ply crochet & knitting yarn (40% acrylic/60% cotton) I have begun the second offering of this neat bag. The old cane handles are available in yarn shops and the plastic ones I used for the bag above are a cheap alternative. I am going to use the real things for the new bag.

You can see the top of the bag is large, but when it is stitched around the handles, gravity takes over and it drapes beautifully from the handles. Pattern will be uploaded soon too.


Pull Tab (Soda Tab) Crochet

I saw a bag made from pull tabs (off the top of soft drink/soda cans). It was crocheted and the tabs created an amazing ‘indie glomesh’…bigger and better than the original glomesh my grandma’s purse was made out of in the 70’s …so like all things interesting I decided it was something I could make too! There’s a long story to how I gathered enough pull tabs to make it… needless to say I appropriated them. Here’s how it is coming together so far…

Repeat the single crochet around the centre cross bar of the pull tab three times then single crochet before and after the treble from the row beneath.

The yarn in this example is ‘Romantic’ by Moda Vera  –  it may no longer be available. 

Bindy ⛓💙

The Best Beanie

All my 16 year old son’s friends and their dads hailed this as the best beanie and I couldn’t make them quickly enough last winter…

Found at http://www.allfreecrafts.com/crochet/beanie.shtml

I used double 8ply yarn for a really solid and strong beanie. The extra warmth was not really the reason…winter here in Western Australia is rarely colder than 10-15 degrees C during the day. We love to ‘rug up’ though as we all long for a chilly or even white winter! It’s never going to happen…

What’s old is new again

Last year I played around with making my own wallet after seeing a ‘Golden book’  coin purse in a local shop. I had some fabulous old sewing patterns and loved one so much, the thought of carrying it around with me inspired my sewing pattern wallets. I have given many away as gifts and even sold some to a fabulous shop at the top of the hill where I live. They do have a relatively short life compared to the Oroton wallet that did me well for a couple of years, but when they have gone past their use by date, I simply find another pattern and make a new one! This one was a Christmas present…

The pattern envelope is sandwiched between clear plastic and stitched. They aren’t entirely waterproof…but then again I never take my wallet swimming!