I decided to start a blog after enjoying browsing so may other blogs. I figured some of you may be as interested in what I do as much as I am in what you do.

‘generationcrochet’ is a blog for that group of individuals that are connected, not by the year of their birth,  but by the cross generational interest in creating. We may be genY, genX, genZero or boomers but the differences between us fade when we bring out the wool!

My Hubby of nearly 27 years!

I do have a day job but don’t really want to talk about that here! So instead I’ll be blogging about the things that make me an interesting person! By interesting I mean someone to whom you might say “really?” when you find out what I love, do and feel strongly about.  So it will be mainly about crochet, old books, retro fabrics and treasures,  opportunities and challenges.

I’m sure the first few blogs will be mainly about ‘putting out there’ all the things I’ve made, created, done and love…if you keep reading you’ll probably get to read about what’s under the surface too.

I have a little ‘venture’ in the Australian Handmade Website ‘made it.com.au’ – my store is called ‘keepsakes’. I think i’m still classes as ‘undiscovered’ – why not discover me!



6 Replies to “About”

  1. So glad I stumbled across your blog… I’m a fellow crochet/craft addict as well as a pastors wife. Looking forward to following along!

      1. Best cindy… I am searching for the coard you use by the pop tab bag.can not Find it in holland..hope you can help me

  2. Hi!..Glad I stumbled across you pinning a pin of mine…love what you do..I am a crochet addict as well and a fellow blogger..Look forward to following your creative musings

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