My new muse

I am changing gears for winter. 

My new op shop muse is #onlyopshopleather. Follow the # on instagram!

The #onlyopshopsilk summer has passed and I have found some of the most amazing items in my hunting and gathering. But I think I have exhausted all the silk supply in Perth! 

So with winter approaching and my love of op shopping not waining, I have decided on a new focus. I will continue to enjoy the fun of op shopping but only buy leather items! Shoes! Bags! Jackets! Skirts …. whatever fits, is made of leather and suits my winter style. 

Here’s my first purchase!

Three bags for less than $12.00. ‘Witchery’ buff leather handbag, ‘Seed Heritage’ tan nubuck tote bag and a black leather ‘Rugged Gear’ cross body bag. They are clean and only slightly pre-loved with so much more life in them. In fact the patina, that soft sheen that develops on the surface of the leather, imparting a character and personality, is only just developing. There is so  much more character to add as I wear them and enjoy them. 

❤ Bindy


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