Travel Prep!

I am a messy traveler but am determined to maintain order in my suitcase on my forthcoming trip to Noth East USA. Sooooo I’m recycling old zips and fabric purchased from a thrift shop to make my own Travel Pouches for my clothes and underwear.   

These pouches were ‘sew’ easy!!! 

1. Recycle an old zip off old clothing or buy from the thrift shop.  Measure and cut 2 pieces of lightweight  fabric just wider than the zip length.  Cut the depth of your pouch to your liking.  I cut the selvage edge of the fabric as the zip edge to save having to finish the edge with overlooking or zigzag stitch!!! The cheek!! 

  2. Lay the zip edge of your first piece over the front of the zip and stitch along.   

Fold it back to reveal the zip. Stitch the other piece to the other side of the zip. Fold back to reveal your neat zip.  Not a neat look below but you’ll get the idea!

 3. Open the zip to halfway before this last step. Now with right sides together, sew around all three sides to close the pouch. Trim and finish edges to prevent fraying. 
4. Turn right way out. Done!   

  Safe travels. Xx


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