Bobble Stitch Bomber Jacket

The Bobble Bomber is complete. This prototype is great for a first time original adult pattern (me thinks)!!! I made a few adjustments after wearing it once. I crocheted in some ‘stay stitches’ in the form of a crocheted chain between shoulders as I noticed the soft acrylic stretched very quickly.


The basic construction is a one piece vest with two shaped arms. The collar is worked at the neck edge once assembled and before placing the chunky zip.


I am currently working on my second garment making adjustments and developing a written pattern. I will be posting it as a ‘Crochet Along’ if you want to give it a try.

To get prepared you will need 6 balls 100g Marvel Soft 8ply available from Spotlight in Australia – or similar. I use a 4.5mm crochet hook to create a good level of ease.


The Bobble Stitch created a really thick heavy fabric for this garment and so the Bomber Jacket is lovely and warm. I have just worn it traveling around Tasmania in temperatures between 3-14 degrees with just a woolen thermal sweater underneath!

Join me in creating your own over the next few weeks.


9 Replies to “Bobble Stitch Bomber Jacket”

    1. Yes it is all crochet. I am working on the pattern and will post it on the blog very soon. It’s easy! Very basic crochet stitches. :). Thanks for visiting! Bindy

    1. Hi Mary. So sorry. I didn’t get around to writing up my pattern. Essentially it is made up of 5 rectangles, made to measure for the wearer – with some shaping around the neckline. The number of stitches for the ribbed cuffs and band and then the minor increase for the actual jacket and sleeves is based on the yarn and hook size. The inner edges of the jacket fronts were left as treble stitches rather than bobbles to the end of row. That gave me something to stitch the zip to. It’s mathematics more than anything. The collar is picked up around the neck edge with no increase as the bobble stitch has quite a bit of ease. Hope this is a start for you. Happy New Year. Bindy 🎁

      1. I can Bobble Stitch really well, it is in the calculating of the pattern that I have trouble with unless I get written instructions from the designer. I just prefer written instructions.

      2. Gotcha. I totally understand. I shall make some jottings and add to my patterns page and we can always keep in touch on here. It will be my Summer holiday job to finally write up my good idea. I love my jacket and have worn it every winter since making it. 🎁

  1. Hi Bindy, It’s Mary Short again. Have you had a chance to get the bobble stitch Bomber jacket done into a written pattern yet? See I have to have a written pattern in order to figure the pattern out. Actually all I need is the vest part of the Bomber jacket pattern written. The woman I want to make it for has been asking about it often. Don’t mean to be a pest , just was wondering.

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