Crochet from a generation ago…

This blog is called generationcrochet for a few reasons … (1) crochet knows no boundaries – it crosses the generation gap, (2) its artefacts become heirlooms passed down from generation to generation and (3) each generation creates new and wonderful ways of exploring and expressing through it.

This really hit me when I came upon a fabulous crochet baby’s cap this morning.

It was crocheted by my grandmother in New Zealand, probably in the late 60’s. It was made  for my younger sister. I still remember her wearing it. It was in my possession after my sister loaned to me when my daughter was very small. She wore it a few times (for posterity)  but as you can see it is very fragile. It cradled her small head neatly and was a cute talking point with the bear’s face on the back of the head that could be seen when she was held over my shoulder.

photo 1        photo 2-1

photo 2        photo 3-1

photo 4

How cute is it? But I am thinking… “Would I put these same colours together today?”


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