Starting off…

Welcome to my weekend ‘Crochet-Along’. I will be posting updates over the weekend to support you in making your own pair of Turkish Slippers. Feel free to leave a comment of question if you get stuck.

This pair of slippers is worked ‘in rounds’ which means you never actually finish a row and turn the work around. It is one continuous, spiral row of crochet. So…you need to ‘mark’ the beginning of each row so you can keep a count of the rows and keep your place. I use specially designed markers. A 4cm long piece of contrast coloured thread is good for this.

Use a ‘Magic Ring’ of 6sc to begin at the toe end of the slipper. A tutorial to show you how is found here.

So let’s get started…

Round 1 – Using double yarn, make the 6sc ‘Magic Ring’. Join the last sc to the first sc with a slip stitch.

Round 2 – 1ch, place a short piece of coloured yarn behind this stitch as a ‘place marker’. 2sc into same stitch as slip stitch and then each of the remaining 5sc around. When you get back to the place marker, join with a slip stitch (ss), 1ch. There should be 12sc now. Shift the marker to behind this 1ch.

Round 3 – 1sc into the same stitch as ss, 1sc into next sc and each sc to the end. Join with another ss into first sc of round, 1ch, move marker up. Move marker up after each 1ch of the round.

Round 4 – 1sc into same stitch as ss, *2sc into next sc, 1sc into next sc*, repeat from * to * to end. Join with ss, 1ch.

Round 5 – same as Round 3.

Okay…let’s stop there. If you can’t wait til my next post, just repeat this process again for your second slipper.


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