Slip into some slippers

Perth is having a dramatic drop in temperature and it’s time to slip on the slippers. Nothing better than having warm toes when they’ve been cramped in cold shoes all day.

I thought I might have a ‘Crochet-Along’ this weekend. The marking is finished and I really need a crochet fix! Something less cerebral and more creative.

If you want to join me…you’ll need to at least have some idea of the basic /sc/ (single crochet stitch) and /ch/ (the chain stitch)…the rest, well…you’ll need 3-4 balls of an 8ply yarn of your choice and a size 5.00mm crochet hook. All up, if you can find cheap wool or acrylic, this neat pair of cosy slippers will cost around $12.00.

Brush up your crochet skills by doing a quick online ‘how to crochet’ tutorial before you start.

See you in the morning!


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